PDA Phone-A large number of Motolora ZN5- fact are


pda phoneA large number of Motolora ZN5- fact are patted! Motolora ZN5 5 million take a picture to be measured only

2009-12-12 11:40:36

unlocked phones; is become the market a brood mad chase after Touch to touch accuse, did not forget to draw element high to take a pictureMobile phone, the most welcome still. MOTO ZN5 is the latest those who come on stage 5 million take a picture mobile phone, but apparent on deck, cai department attestationCamera lens, technology of colour of xenon gas flashlight, Kodak has outstanding place. A large number of trying is patted todayPhotograph, should facing with Nokia 6220c more definitely!
MOTO × Kodak takes a picture admiral is about to appearance

   Fall at the same time when everybody, desperately follow is touched accuse interfacial mobile phone, did not forget fast picture element to take a picture the mobile phone is welcome still. Motorola is the big plant that adds finally, MOTOZINE ZN5 is element of first 5 million pictures below the banner takes a picture mobile phone; ZN5 rolls out time to compare evening of factory of other mobile phone, but seek American Kodak help, join its video technology, make ZN5 can take 5 million photo of Gao Shuiping. The author tries after playing, feel ZN5 camera behaves good maturity, with will take a picture absolutely and enough. ZN5 already was rolled out in China, taiwan, Hong Kong is met in succession follow-up, take a picture with a large number of fact first today, one explore actual strength.
Function of MOTOZINE ZN5 main distinguishing feature
● is built-in 5 millionResemble elementCamera, camera lens of Carl Zeiss attestation
● provides over cap of Xenon flashlight, camera lens, support is opposite automatically anxious
● supports Tag photo to coil to be previewed mode of mark, low illuminant, automatically
Photo of ● built-in Kodak uploads shareSoftware
● supports ModeShift demon to changeClavier
● built-in 350 MB is usableMemory
● supports MicroSDHC Gao Rong to measure memory to get stuck
● supports USB 2.0, blue tooth 2
● support Wi-Fi 802.11 A/b/g is wirelessNetwork

 ▲ photograph relatively accuse big screen mobile phone at be being touched popularly, MOTO ZN5 exterior appears a bit commonner.

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