PDA Phone-A Mani of SamSung of memory of 120MB of


pda phoneA Mani of SamSung of memory of 120MB of SamSung M7500-AMOLED screen 2 generation come on stage

2009-12-12 11:35:42

unlocked phones; Beijing time on September 4, 2008, SamSungCompany and Buddhist nun of Ma of A of well-known trademark George rolled out SamSung A Mani together 2 acting “Night Effect” . ThisMobile phoneUsed concise and beautiful modelling design, there still is marked A Mani Logo in the reverse side of airframe. Night Effect of the SamSung on outer nevertheless form does not look to go out have too much new idea, like still introducing 1 generation of Buddhist nun of SamSung A Ma in what be apart from in compasses is straight board design.

   What SamSung Night Effect uses is an indication screen of 2.2 inches of AMOLD. Deploy 3.2 millionResemble elementPhotograph like the head, but quite regrettablly is to did not assemble flashlight. And its multimedia function reveals quality, installed in the flank of the mobile phone retreat speed, quickly and broadcast time-out 3MusicControl pushbutton, inside radio of buy FM frequency modulation and USB2.0 interface, and SamSung Night Effect still supports blue tooth 2 wireless transmission technologies.

   InNetworkRespect, this mobile phone can work to fall in the GSM network of 4 frequency, data of supportive HSDPA high speed transmits a technology. And if the user is dissatisfactory,the memory of airframe 120MB gets stuck, still can insert groove to undertake the capacity expands through MicroSD card. It is reported this mobile phone will be in Europe November this year, southeast Asia appears on the market sale.

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