PDA Phone-A variety of SNS network Intel roll out


pda phoneA variety of SNS network Intel roll out buy inside Moblin new UI

2009-12-12 10:51:12

unlocked phones; Beijing time on September 23, 2009 before dawn, intel released Moblin in American san Francisco. Moblin everybody should not be familiar with this name, connecting the author also is to hear of for the first time, this is the UI that the Intel company designs technically for the mobile phone (user interface) , will move on the smartphone that is based on Atom platform.

Intel releases Moblin UI

   In Moblin, a lot of more compositive the function of gregarious network, and be based on the system of flat navigation convenient user is between much task switch. At present Moblin has been on MID made demonstrate, do not know tonight (time of American san Francisco 23 days morning) whether can have stronger exploded message is given off.

compositive the Moblin user interface of a variety of gregarious websites

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