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2009-12-12 11:13:37

unlocked phones; nowadays, business affairsMobile phoneIf the flood is general emerge in large numbers. This are used the ability of as same as Treo Pro and Bold outward appearance fineM1220Prove again. The feeling screen of the level of 2.4 吋 QVGA that it used to have Oriental distinguishing feature more. Another distinction depend on QWERTYClavier, this mobile phone has key-press of partial full measure it seems that.

   We say ability fine M1220 is not a common mobile phone will use Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional because of it moreOperating systemWill realize newest business affairs function. Not only such, it still uses skill fine the distinctive intelligent user interface that is based on Flash. Of course, this mobile phone still has corresponding configuration, this includes 3 millionResemble elementPhotograph like the head, accessary 300 thousand resemble elementVideoCommunicateCamera lens, support HSDPA/HSUPA, Wi-Fi, GPSWith gravitational inductor. Imagine with you different is, this mobile phone will use whole level to connect 528MHz highProcessorWith the 128MB of moderateMemory.

The graph is: Ability fine M1220 mobile phone

   All these sounds perfectly, but you should know regulation – the earliest adoption the mobile phone of WM6.5 operating system also needs when second half of the year, still do not have the message about price of this mobile phone at present namely additionally.

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