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The search is used by SEO all the time related Baidu one of best tools that discretion of quantity of judgement keyword search, keyword chooses to optimize. In April 2008, baidu bans the relevant search function that used it thoroughly, when you open Http://, this page has shown to be very sorry, the page that you should visit is nonexistent, this is afterwards Baidu the another big move after be being searched related the more in deleting search result, be opposite undoubtedly broad stationmaster, it is a very big blow to Seo industry particularly.

Demand has the market, this word a bit truly, but do SEO actually cannot patronage and economic benefits, want to consider long-term development. This lets a person associate again undoubtedly that period of time, SEO people wild land brushs the scene that the rank searchs related Baidu, original alone Gu day arrogant does not want to involve this topic, because how many always have the taste of some of black hat SEO, but innocently between discovery, although what still can see a lot of major is in now on the search result that searchs engine,brush the company that the rank searchs related Baidu, its business includes era to brush Baidu relevant search, rank of snapshot of acting hair Baidu.

SEO market lets black hat trick give so roily, brought about Baidu finally to shut the serious consequence of this one passageway thoroughly. Do not know what impressions these black hat SEO have now?

One, what is relevant search?

The data haply that we can check is to say: The input word that has a large number of users searching undertakes segment and indexing, undertake searching when every time next when, the keyword index that searchs to this undertakes searching, got relevant search.

Have dependency matrix operation to close meaning word, get containing the list of the series vocabulary of weight, have the basic search above again.

For example: Relevant (the school) =0.6 school + 0.3 education + 0.2 teachers + 0.2 students + …… , so the search that the relevant search of the school should be school itself + the relevant search that the school below 0.6 weight searchs, the relevant search …… of the education below 0.3 weight, undertake sort gets the most relevant search again.

2, the advantage that searchs related Baidu

Search rank is a good thing really originally related Baidu, it is OK the curve saves a station. I cite two case casually:

1, when your potential customer searchs certain keyword, search wrist watch in Baidu for instance, you consider the watch brand you, does for instance mobile phone of Yami wrist watch show be in related Baidu nethermost in the search?

Before discharging mobile phone of Yami wrist watch to relevant search when you 10 over when, raised more exposure rate? Click with respect to what acquire more potential users more likely?

2, the product that you see you very gladly of course appears in list of above relevant search. But in searching engine crisis, reckon you are not willing. Cite a case, when you search product of a keyword reducing weight, the relevant search that appears as follows to pursue, did when this relevant search appear how is the statement that cheater and so on follows at the back of your product keyword handled? Saying this list appeared to bring benefit product reducing weight suppose is cheater estimation serves as a proprietor of an enterprise you are not willing, how does this moment do? Very apparent, want to resolve search engine crisis, returns so that use Baidu relevant search will undertake settlement, cleared and relevant search is negative word.

3, the principle that searchs related Baidu

Is the means that becomes relevant keyword very difficult? Will the true company that needs major operate? A few general knowledge that want you to know SEO a little only actually can be solved. Said to defeat, no more than with respect to two train of thought, one is the keyword search that enhances dependency, it is to increase search amount next.

At present professional SEO major method is a blacker-than-black cap kind the method will brush Baidu relevant search, they are brushed through acting as agent, change IP to brush through ADSL, will brush through the means such as clear Cache, it is to pass rubbish station to undertake Iframe commonlyJump turn search page address will come true. This is planted previously method 100 try lark, at present nevertheless Baidu changed algorithm, morning and evening one day this method won’ts do, arrive for instance moment, does the relevant search of popular keyword have the will control artificially word of Baidu? SEO academy does not suggest to do this kind of thing that violates Baidu policy, we announce technicality here, also use for institute of SEO lover learning merely.

The principle that brushs relevant search is very much the person is unidentified manage, feel very magical, said to defeat actually very simple, be like,search a keyword when you for instance when SEO, next you discover this keyword appears to request to perhaps did not find him place to want accord with his search not quite, key in other and relevant keyword to be like SEO academy again in search casing directly then, found needs website next. So the relevant search that we can say to SEO academy is keyword Seo, search so when a lot of people when, search namely when the amount became large, keyword SEO academy can appear in the relevant search of Baidu. Clear therein truth, you think the relevant search that brushs Baidu is very simple. Above the relevant search that for instance you want to brush SEO academy SEO, let it appear in Seo relevant search.

Search SEO academy in Baidu above all, the address that come out is: Http:// Wd=seo%D1%D0%BE%BF%D4%BA; Follow the search after so that searched SEO academy next continue to search SEO in casing, the search that come out links as a result even if: Http:// Ie=gb2312&bs=seo%D1%D0%BE%BF%D4%BA&sr=&z=&cl=3&f=8&tn=baidu&wd=seo&ct=0. That is to say, the keyword of relevant search B that should search A keyword when you, so search B keyword in Baidu above all, search A keyword on the foundation of B keyword next, on the relevant search result that can appear in A keyword to moment B so.

Practice of main out SEO sends the operation train of thought of aboveQiu Shida’s hand.

The Url address parameter inside this address has two actually, it is SEO academy, 2 it is SEO. You can turn the 2nd address into literal link or picture link directly, such users were attacked, received search SEO continuously that page, and actually that page also includes the keyword that has SEO academy to be inside at the same time. To the site with high flow, can use the way that plays a window to play link of this final result come out, to the page with low flow, OK a webpage that puts Baidu to play a window, the setting becomes 0.5s to be updated automatically. Nevertheless Baidu spider also is not fool, so SEO of a little black hat can go a few websites buy the ad that play a window, everyday hundreds of money, play a thousands of number second, not only rate is rapid, the risk also is changed to others website. As the website advocate introducing advertisement advocate website when, also must notice this kind of phenomenon, avoid oneself to become the innocent fryer of others.