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pda phoneAbility fine S1200-WVGA+528MHz ability fine GSmart S1200 rises WM6.5

2009-12-12 10:49:06

unlocked phones; Beijing time on October 15, 2009 towards evening 18:30, division of Beijing’s famous burgeoning consumption business — world trade day rank, the grand meeting that the Microsoft Microsoft that comes from the United States chose herein to hold to have milepost sense — ” deduce partner of Windows Phone of wonderful life · and media news briefing ” . On this congress, microsoft used him formally old Windows Mobile brand not only more the name is Windows Phone, still invited a lot of partner to reveal newest product and application to attendant reporter friends together at the same time, showed unprecedented baronial momentum!

   A few days ago our ZhongGuanCun is online had crossed an out in detail for everybody advocate board manufacturerAbility fineMobile phoneGSmartS1200, what nevertheless that mobile phone uses at that time is operating system of intelligence of Winodws Mobile 6.1. Today as Microsoft congress hold, thisS1200Mobile phone also of course ground upgrades the system to WM6.5 version, evolution is type of a Windows Phone.

The graph is: GSmart S1200Mobile phone

   Except use operating system of Winodws Mobile 6.5 besides, thisS1200 still carried 3.1 吋 WVGA to touch screen, and inside buy blue tooth 2 module, and GPS navigation function.

The graph is: Parameter of GSmart S1200 mobile phone

   The own UI before the S1200 after the system upgrades continued likewise, can divide screen to show, 528MHz advocate the processor of frequency also assured fluent interfacial switch result.

The graph is: GSmart S1200 mobile phone is own interface

GSmart S1200 is own UI demonstrates

The graph is: Detail of airframe of GSmart S1200 mobile phone

The graph is: Detail of airframe of GSmart S1200 mobile phone

   As a result of a variety of reasons, a lot of good machines are ultimate with domestic user just miss the opportunity, but believe to be in new machine that shows on the news briefing can come to the side of us, let our wait and see what happens.

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