PDA Phone-A large number of fact of M8910 of 10 th


pda phoneA large number of fact of M8910 of 10 thousand alluring like element SamSung pat SamSung M8910-1200 try out

2009-12-12 10:48:44

unlocked phones;Mobile phonecamera is in take a picture the progress of the respect that draw element can say is advance rapidly, not long ago element of 8 million picture is fearsome still play newly meaning, now however make one’s bow the time of element of ten million picture, the first lousy millions upon millions draws the mobile phone of elementAll alone Niaili is believedSatioAlso will leave formally in the near future sell; On the other hand, love plays a technology to innovateSamSung, won’t let the throne submissively of mobile phone of element of world highest picture person, because this also published swipe photographic,machine of the 2nd acting Pixon plants: Pixon12, believe Satio be on an equal footing with Suoniaili.

    M8910Besides take a picture picture element rises120010 thousand, outside the footstep that overtakes average number camera, still include very strong take a picture function, include 28mm wide-angle lens, F2.6 big aperture, plus track automatically right anxious, play a way a lot of appearance are changed. Nevertheless the bad news is, as its eldest brother Pixon, pixon12 also is the row is inside the list that Taiwan won’t appear on the market, quite regrettablly. So, if each friend is right it very if having fun at, can read the test article below, look next have commodities from abnormal channel of Hong Kong edition to be able to be bought.

Element of dozens of ▲ SamSung Pixon12 is big 12 million picture photographs, be the same as class with Satio.

AMOLED is gorgeous big screen

   SamSung the mobile phone of 2009 second half of the year, greatly screen deserves to go up a few key-press, add major also be black airframe, look to grow almost actually so. SamSungM8910Also be same configuration, the biggest may be respectively 5 bolt to control by hexagonal changed round square. Although exterior did not let a person have very big surprise, but your person is profuse in praise like its norms. Screen resolution reachs WVGA level, 800x480pixels, also be now the top level of the mobile phone, screen dimension has 3.1 吋 big, add use AMOLED material to pledge, can show 16.7 million gorgeous color, the picture that takes is met it seems that on screen more denounce happy event.

▲ black airframe + big screen + little key-press, it is one of characteristic of mobile phone of SamSung second half of the year, samSung M8910Not exceptional also.

▲ SamSungM8910 advocate hit photo of element of 12 million picture to film, deploying also is the most top class, the camera lens that includes to have over cap, xenon enrages flashlight, yi Yougong is lubricious to Jiao Deng, machine back looks very as similar as digital camera. The cleverest it is machine back left, still affixed a balata to slip in order to avoid a hand, quite attentive.

▲ and SamSungI8910HD(is right) photograph comparing, samSung M8910(is left) do not calculate too big.

▲ looks from flank, the ply of mobile phone 13.8mm, can accept absolutely.

Inter of ▲ camera key but just use open watch for an opportunity, shutter key is that elliptic pushbutton of right.

Upper part is volume key on the right side of ▲ , also have pull close with play far function.

▲ screen upper part sets the camera that inspect message.

▲ lens brainpan closes the about when rising.

Path of paper of ▲ this paste uses up function of SamSung M8910 strong point, smart Auto is intelligence full automatic film, photograph opportunity decides automatically to film mode; AF Tracking is to be tracked automatically right anxious, this function is very magical, you are nodded to miss pair of anxious characters or target in screen, although move to anxious main body, camera also can be tracked automatically right anxious, this function has SamSung M8910 ability only at present. Additionally still fixed position of Wi-Fi, photo, 28mm Wide Angle films, xenon gas flashlight is waited a moment.

; SamSungM8910Those who use is the SamSung that has seen be used toTouchWiz interface, but it became little 3D Cube interface, other resembling is management of stereo task of 3 desktops space, 3D implement it is some, but because it is not what new thing, here is not so much give uncecessary details, be worth to be carried is Microsoft Exchange of SamSung M8910 support, can use Push Email so, also include to upgrade into the Gmail Sync of Push Mail recently, correspondence can be received at any time.

   On camera interface, M8910The full screen Touch of SamSung of continue to use films interface, hold accuse, film full support finger is touched accuse, filmed reaction pretty is fast, with will become chance is good still. ButM8910 camera shortcut key and shutter key departure become two key-press, the design is a bit strange, be being used is not very convenient.

▲ camera key is comparing the place among, want to open the word of camera, finger should be extended more come in a few.

▲ films mark of interface to in an attempt to is given priority to.

▲ films mode: Support laughs to be patted namely (smile namely shutter) , pat repeatedly, panoramic film, classic.

The intelligence with ▲ SamSung built-in M8910 is automatic Smart Auto mode is the most useful, Mobile phoneCan automatic choice films differently mode, besides meet certainly in dark place forcibly flashlight, may not accords with the person that use besides the requirement, intelligence suits automatically to catch most actually pat use, pat cate to won’t be broken anxious, take a person also won’t black face, pretty is good with.

▲ SamSung M8910 returns mode of built-in pretty much setting: Effigies, scenery, night scene, motion, clique is right / indoor, beach / Xue Jing, sunset, sunrise, autumn scenery, firework, character, candle power, backlighting… etc, the user can choose appropriate occasion to use.

The dimension that ▲ camera can film comparatives diversification, those who have W prefix is 16:9Wide edition photo, help you be patted resembling is the photograph feeling like the film.

▲ supports GPS photo fixed position.

▲ kinescope also supports the resolution of the biggest 720×480, with DVD about the same.

After; test took a few pieces of pictures, detectSamSungM8910Below automatic mode, a lot of used F2.6 big aperture to film, it also likes to use lower ISO very much, be in next solar pushing to come ISO50, it is indoor also be ISO200 the following, let photo definition rise many. Be inadequacy a bit is distant view processing also is more inattentive. And xenon gas flashlight is absolutely and useful, compared with what double LED has better filling light effect, if more manufacturer is used, believing to meet is to love to use watch for an opportunityMobile phoneThe good news of consumer. And M8910 takes a picture reaction is sharp, also be its one big advantage, more not easy delinquency films good chance. Regrettablly Taiwan does not appear on the market, or the favour that believes M8910 also can win pretty much customer.

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PDA Phone-A confusion of voices of disappear of so


pda phoneA confusion of voices of disappear of sound of Newmann M10- filter / near future of M10 of Newmann of tall bright screen will appear on the market

2009-12-12 10:45:44

unlocked phones; noise is all the timeMobile phoneOne of communicating interference, lie when us in a noisy environment, very bad quite clear telephone call carries the sound that transmits then. Having the verdict that surveys a company is so ceaseless reduplicative conversation lets him feel exhaustion of body and mind, communicate the influence that oneself mood after the end can get for a long time, because this does not want as far as possible,be in noisy environment communicate with the mobile phone.


   Technology of brand-new nevertheless disappear a confusion of voices can solve this problem for us, newmann of card of home made product counts the MP3 music that rolls out recentlyMobile phoneM10Used technology of a confusion of voices of this kind of disappear. It is OK according to the user located the environment differentiates automatically to give noise and undertake be eliminationed reversely to its.

Newmann M10

   The hardware module of the buy inside Newmann M10 can store file of more noise data, more accurate and rapid attenuation noise, the speech of earphone of self-correcting mobile phone communicates the effect will ensure clarity communicates quality.

   Besides fall outstandingly technology of a confusion of voices, newmann M10 regards music as the delegate of the mobile phone, have160Spend wide perspective day to establish screen of tall bright liquid crystal, chip of decipher of frequency of tie-in and professional Wolfson, can bring outstanding use experience for the user.

   It is reported, this mobile phone will appear on the market in the near future, do not have at present nevertheless specific appear on the market the message of time and price respect, we can be in after obtaining an information report for everybody for a short while, pay close attention to please.

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PDA Phone-9630 Tour of more cabinet more moving bl


pda phone9630 Tour of more cabinet more moving blackberry opens blackberry 9630- box graph is admired

2009-12-12 11:02:18

unlocked phones; Beijing time on July 1, 2009, verizon of foreign media exposure is custom-builtBlackberry9630 TourMobile phonepicture opening box, this mobile phone special now fire, had been mixed by American Verizon Sprint two companies are custom-built. Because the network of operation of two companies place is different, although be the same as,be Tour accordingly, but the supports network of custom-built mobile phone of these two companies is not same also, what the blackberry Tour with custom-built Verizon supports isCDMANetwork.

Did not open the blackberry of box9630 Tour

   If compote is nodded now the blackberry mobile phone on market, although Bold still very popular, but blackberry8900Of give no cause for more criticism should compare Bold more cabinet more beautiful. But 8900 the biggest drawback depend on blackberry supporting3GNetwork, and blackberry 9630 Tour is in maintained with 8900 likewise cabinet airframe while, still increased the support to 3G network, want not fire is difficult.

Clang clangs, open a box

Mobile phone of blackberry 9630 Tour

Random fittings

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08 world plenary session pushs Nuojiya Ovi map – m


pda phone08 world plenary session pushs Nuojiya Ovi map / mail serves

2009-12-12 11:25:50

unlocked phones; Beijing time on December 2, 2008 afternoon at 16 o’clock, spain local time on December 2, 2008 early morning 9 o’clock sharp, come from Finnish industry giantNuojiyaCompany v/arc be on the throne held at the CCIB of Barcelona urban district with ” Hei! Join In ” give priority to a problemNOKIA World 2008 congress. On current mass rally, nuojiya released king of brand-new machine of S60 of N-Series series intelligence formally external not only — N97, still rolled out two brand-new services at the same time — Ovi map (Maps On Ovi) and Ovi mail (Mail On Ovi) .

   Receive Nuojiya as this at the same time Chinese respect invites, can head for news briefing spot to have a storyNetworkOne of media, our ZhongGuanCun is onlineMobile phoneCommunication career ministry also is in made detailed special subject for everybody for a short while, more and wonderful information can be clicked enter ” ZOL heads for Barcelona to report Nokia World 2008 ” undertake examining.    

   The Ovi that basically rolls out in congress of this NOKIA World 2008 as Nuojiya serves, ovi map (Maps On Ovi) and Ovi mail (Mail On Ovi) the service will bring brand-new Internet experience to the user, the service technology that its optimize believes to be able to be broad Nuojiya the user brings more convenient and quick mobile solution.

The graph is: Spot of congress of NOKIA World 2008

Ovi mail (Mail On Ovi)

   Major person had not used mail on the world, and serve through Ovi mail, the user can pass Internet door or their mobile terminal is founded and visit email. On the other hand, “Nuojiyatong dispatch ” will make consumer OK be in the email that most Nuojiya visits them have on terminal and instant communication account, be like Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail and Google Talk, AOL IM and come from the whole world the email solution of thousands of ISP. Nuojiya has made work at present gave about 200 million to be able to support Nuojiyatong immediately dispatch the terminal of the solution. These solutions include: Ovi mail, Nuojiyatong dispatch and company shift email (Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and Lotus Traveler) .


The graph is: Spot of congress of NOKIA World 2008

Ovi map (Maps On Ovi)

   Ovi map service is the first free support people is in individualComputerPlan ahead of schedule on the individual is itinerary can serve synchronously with the mobile phone, people also can join at any time in journey the method that plans ahead of schedule and favorite destination. After a few months of future, in Nuojiya map (Nokia Maps) the program that attends to still can be people to be able to provide a place, save, the editor after planning itinerary and hand-in-hand act beforehand. People can share their position to still can share the content with individual and gregarious significant aspect with the friend not only, invite everybody to act together.

The graph is: Ovi map is rolled out on spot of congress of NOKIA World 2008 (Maps On Ovi) service

   On congress opening ceremony, nuojiya’s president holds presiding apparitor Mr Kang Peikai concurrently to say: “Today, we and each other, as occurrent as world join and interactive means meaning changes far-reachingly. In fact, we are changing Internet… the power that is put in your hand will make you and the world all round more shirt-sleeve. We are changing Internet… the power that is put in your hand will make you and the world all round more shirt-sleeve..


   “We are in the life a such world: You will be capable that with you favorite way is mixed the time that you choose, go custom-built with individuation your Internet, enrich in order to make your daily life is mixed more easily, ” Mr Kang Peikai expresses: “Nuojiya, have the user that exceeds billion all over the world, the palm of the hand that because this has an opportunity more,puts the power of Internet person of more of alive bound each district, and we should do this. And we should do this..

   Global eye shot of Nuojiya and asset, for example NAVTEQ and the Ovi that grow ceaselessly serve, “Undertook Nuojiya locating distinctly — Nuojiya lives Internet change for us in more individuation and a close together and relevant section. Such acceptance, do not have traditional Internet company to be able to be made. Do not have traditional Internet company to be able to be made..

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09 communication exhibit SamSung I7500-Android Xin


pda phone09 communication exhibit SamSung I7500-Android Xin Ding SamSung I7500U is released

2009-12-12 10:52:59

unlocked phones; Beijing time on September 16, 2009 morning 9:30, china International information corresponded 2009 exhibition (P&T/WIRELESS&NETWORKS COMM CHINA 2009) the new house of center of China International exhibition that v/arc be on the throne arranges justice area at Beijing kicks off formally. This is China is entered3GIndustry of first large communication is exhibited since the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor meeting, also be complete Asia dimensions at the same time the communication exhibition with the the biggest, largest force. More expects, all be in Http://mobile.zol.com.cn/topic/1472312.html

The graph is: 09 communication are exhibitedSamSungExhibit a stage

   ZhongGuanCun is online report the whole journey that brings full and accurate as always for everybody, hope broad netizen pays close attention to this station at any time about this second exhibit the real time of the meeting to report. What bring for everybody above all is SamSung exhibits a stage, this second exhibiting meeting SamSung to be able to say is eachMobile phoneSystematic platform erupts in the round, all of Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian released the type that is aimed at Chinese area. The W of Android system embarks for everybody introduction belowCDMANetwork 3GSmartphoneSamSungI7500U.

The graph is: SamSungI7500U mobile phone

   Can see from inside the graph, thisI7500U and before released I7500Go up in hardware configuration and do not have apparent difference, used Android intelligence operating system to carry 3.2 吋 HVGA likewise (320×480) touch screen completely, introduce same continue to use colourful the AMOLED material with inferior at the same time specific power consumption is qualitative. Airframe the reverse side enchases 5 million photograph like element like the head, deploy LED Bu Guangdeng.

The graph is: SamSung I7500U mobile phone

   Airframe detail respect, function key area installed key-press area bounty, use face plate of the processing that pull silk, airframe controls two side to divide buy volume adjustment and take a picture the key-press such as shutter. In addition machine board carries 8GB memory, and inside buy WiFi module. Other interface is configured should withI7500 keep consistent, if blue tooth module, GPS module, MicroSD blocks earphone of patulous, 3.5mm to insert aperture,wait, performance is quite overall.

The graph is: Detail of airframe of SamSung I7500U mobile phone

   Although go up not to have too big difference with I7500 in configuration, but the Anycall sign that attends through model I7500U and airframe, we can expect this mobile phone with travel money status, function of complete reservation WiFi comes to the side of us. It is reported, this machine will appear on the market formally at October portion, predicting price is controlled for 4000 yuan.

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8 million 3 times light goes 4 calories show X908


pda phone8 million 3 times light goes 4 calories show X908 greatly 1000 yuan of price appear a body

2009-12-12 11:42:08

unlocked phonesWe understood; on a website from home recently, a model isShow greatlyOf X908Mobile phoneBack is imprinting the model of written characters of 8.0 MEGA PIXELS (8 millionResemble elementPhotograph like the head) model of written characters, however price comes forward 1000 yuan only however, this aroused our great interest. Be in nevertheless after entering this page to have detailed knowledge, however already the surprise also has disappointment.

The graph is: Show X908 greatly (PictureCome fromNetwork)

   Original, show X908 greatly photograph reached the 2 million level that resembles element only actually like the head, so called 8 million resembling element is bySoftwareInterpolation earning. Show 3 times on X908 body greatly neverthelessOptical scorchAbility redeemed many face for it however. Other side, showed X908 to configure a 3 inches 16 million lubricious screen greatly, resolution is QVGA level. Show X908 to still support double SIM greatly card and doubleMemory gets stuck, be ” 4 calories ” mobile phone product.

The graph is: Show X908 greatly (the picture comes from a network)

   And go up in recreation, show X908 to support MP3 tiring-room to broadcast greatly, can watch MP4VideoFile, built-in radio of FM frequency modulation, what the MicroSD that supports 8GB greatly most gets stuck is patulous. It is reported, this machine still raises NESGameSimulator, canDownloadMore than 2000 Ren Tiantang game.

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08 communication exhibit the domestic contend that


pda phone08 communication exhibit the domestic contend that high-end special interview reviews to talk mountain fastness

2009-12-12 11:31:02

unlocked phones; Beijing time on October 21, 2008 morning at 9 o’clock, china International information corresponded 2008 exhibition (P&T/EXPO COMM CHINA 2008) in center of exhibition of Beijing China International new house kicks off formally. This is the first world-class information that after China International exhibits completion of central new house, holds communication is exhibited, also was 2008 the biggest, information communication that has force most extends Asian scope one of.

   Exhibit in this in the meeting, our ZhongGuanCun is online invited the high level inside 10 course of study to exhibit a stage, accepted our special report. In 3 days of time henceforth, the problem of 3 big heat that we pay close attention to the netizen in the special interview very much undertakes a reviewing that sums up a gender, now we come to the first phase of the day to review everybody together the view that the high level inside course of study leads pair of mountain fastness machine!

“Lei Ren ” mountain fastness machine

   2008 to ChinaMobile phoneFor the market, “Mountain fastness machine ” it is who impossible evasive problem: Price of mobile phone of our country brand fell 2007 although be as high as 15%-20% , but be compared with mountain fastness machine or do not have price advantage, look from market share, of card of home made product have rate had dropped 20% much, meanwhile, the sales volume of mountain fastness mobile phone exceeded 150 million, only value added tax one, country with respect to the loss 17.85 billion. And two when bought the person no more than of mountain fastness machine to take a fancy to mountain fastness machine the largest dominant positions: The price is low with the function comprehensive!

Various mountain fastness mobile phones

Mobile phone channel is daily and handpick

Information communication exhibited China International to conclude satisfactorily 2008

· 10 large areas are the largest exhibit a stage ·The corner that is forgotten easily
·Communication exhibits interesting titbits ·The most absorbing 10 big beautiful legs
·Travel goods N85 appears on the market eventually ·N96 defeats Nuojiya 4000

Double batteries mobile phone is evaluated

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6 announce into findings of color of mobile phone


pda phone6 announce into findings of color of mobile phone of black of netizen first selection

2009-12-12 11:17:45

unlocked phones; in Baidu 100 divisions inquire ” black ” , we can see such explanation: “Black is a kind of color that has a variety of different culture senses. And black all along won’t outdated. ” inMobile phoneOn the market, black also is one of color that consumer likes most all the time. Before long channel of our mobile phone launched the investigation about mobile phone color before, the result of investigation proved again ” black ” it is the most welcome mobile phone color as before.

   Altogether had netizen of 8455 ZhongGuanCun on-line to participate in us this second investigation, and had pick of 5204 person selected among them ” black ” the mobile phone color that likes most as oneself, occupied 61.55% what share investigation total number. Although we expect black in the beginning of investigate will the color of first selection mobile phone of most netizen, but far did not think of, the netizen that favores black mobile phone actually such.

   And should be asked about when why choosing black, the answer that the netizen gives out dispersed quite, but we see amid not hard still, “Grade ” , ” cruel dazzles ” the time that spends taller reason equipment pitch on twice this with black correlation is very high, adjacent will ” black ” the amount that regards oneself as netizen of first selection color. Look, black hand opportunity is welcome, the grade that black product can bring symbolizes and cruel dazzle experience is the mainest reason.

   Since everybody likes black mobile phone so, then we bring 4 to everybody with respect to take advantage of an opportunity today brand-newNuojiyaThe elegant graph of black mobile phone is admired!

Black NuojiyaE71The graph is admired                   Black NuojiyaN96The graph is admired

Black NuojiyaN85The graph is admired                   Black NuojiyaE66 graphs are admired

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"The black edition of night series " Nuojiya analytic graph admires N85
“The black edition of night series ” Nuojiya analytic graph admires E71

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7 characteristic new machine will roll out the lin


pda phone7 characteristic new machine will roll out the line on store of day happiness mobile phone

2009-12-12 10:58:37

unlocked phones; Tian Xijia blessing is homeMobile phoneAn a dark horse of the manufacturer, arrive from the Buddhist allegory of the earliest Buddhist theme recent day happiness · loves a mobile phone, be in all the time do one’s utmost Chinese element and consumption kind electronic product has perfect couple, this kind of originality got the public figure inside course of study not only approbate, bright products plan concept also made a scenery line of the market.

Day happiness store

   When consumer is buying a mobile phone, classics regular meeting faces numerous choice, and make a person easily confused. If be being bought in electronic market, we always worry to whether can buy the issue such as face-lifting machine, if be bought on the net, still can encounter mountain fastness or the product that not agree with with objective. Buy the mobile phone that admire in the heart to can make an user convenient, ground of Tian Xijia Ford built day happiness store, the day happiness store with Tian Xijia subordinate nowadays blessing is already formal go up line, consumer buys Tian Xijia blessing hand function is enough more convenient.

   And the trouble back at home to prevent consumer, and online those who buy is trival. Tian Xijia blessing prepared 3 kinds (order on the net, the phone is ordered and come to buy) buy way, support quick buck to pay at the same time, pay treasure, telegraphic transfer money of post-office remittance, bank, COD, credit card pays wait for a variety of terms of payment. Machine of carry out of place of store of happiness of earnest and affirmatory day all is Tian Xijia blessing safeguard of safeguard of goods of 7 days of goods of travel of 100% quality goods, exchange a purchase, 15 days of exchange goods, whole nation avoids freight (500 yuan of above) express deliver goods, let consumer be chosen easily, buy so that be at ease.

   The day happiness · that the closest heat must carry to sell here loves a mobile phone, this mobile phone used cloisonne enamel to make technology, crust passes elaborate design, mobile phone nature still has true gold part, aureate craft can be protected the mobile phone does not become rusty and if airframe brightness is new. The plastic housing with the more commonly used than common mobile phone technology of zincic alloy die-casting of housing has very big distinction, simple sense is very strong, have weight not only, still have feel.

Day happiness · loves a mobile phone

   Day happiness · loved a mobile phone to use900, Duan Fan surrounds the frequency of 1800, advocate the screen of 1000 kinds of 5 60 thousand CSTN that screen is 1.3 inches, resolution is 128 × 160 like element. The storage space of 2GB of the buy inside this mobile phone, OK still and patulous to 16GB. The meritorious service of professional sound effect that this mobile phone uses puts chip to make sure 3D surrounds acoustic quality, interface of 3.5mm standard earphone, add the earphone unit that used IPod identical supplier to offer, nature of perfect acoustic quality is deduced easily.

   Other side, the UI of this mobile phone is course major personage of special design, elegant and fashionable. The mobile phone still supports blue tooth stereo, and convey and receive of blue tooth data, those who add airframe to embark is OK of 4X scorch photograph like the head, and FM radio, program management, alarm clock, the commonly used tool such as the calculator, let this mobile phone have better day-to-day work to handle ability.

Day happiness · loves a mobile phone

   On the page of day happiness store, love a mobile phone besides Buddhist allegory and day happiness · , our surprizing still discovery near future of day happiness store still will roll out product of mobile phone of 7 characteristic high-quality goods, but after all what distinguishing feature do these type have? Let our wait and see what happens!

Day happiness store will roll out 7 characteristic mobile phone

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7 great merit of strong OPPO T9 of beautiful funct


pda phone7 great merit of strong OPPO T9 of beautiful function of OPPO T9- mobile phone can pursue more admire analyse

2009-12-12 11:07:38

unlocked phones; OPPOT9It is one is used straight board of the design that touch screenMobile phone, 3.2 inches of 260 thousand kinds screen resolution are 432 × 240Resemble element, inside buy 2 million resemble elementPhotograph like the head, this machine follow OPPO T5 can broadcast RM/RMVB directlyVideoWith APE/FLAC nondestructiveMusicdeeply welcome design, the capacity is the batteries when 1250 milliampere, bide one’s time time is more satisfactory. The 7 big functions of this mobile phone understand below.

OPPO T9 mobile phone provides the LCD screen of level of 3.2 吋 WQVGA, support the video living broadcast of RM/RMVB format, do not need to turn format

Inductor of gravity of the buy inside OPPO T9 mobile phone, supportive switch changes the function of music

OPPO T9 mobile phone is the mobile phone that touch screen, browsePictureThose who cross finger can be connect to slide gently when will change picture

OPPO T9 mobile phone supports most greatly the patulous memory of 8BG

Ke Quanbing feels OPPO T9 mobile phone

OPPO T9 mobile phone supports the nondestructive music of APE/FLAC format, through hardware decipher can enjoy the life with average blame.

OPPO T9 mobile phone uses double chip, communication system and noninterference of each other of multimedia system pattern

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