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Online trial - Server 1: http://klantcrmdemo.klantcrm.com

Online trial - Server 2: http://klantcrmdemo.vtigerchina.com

CRM latest version of the trial - Server 3: http://vtigercrm520.vtigerchina.com

Klant CRM is the leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software for companies of all sizes in Asia Pacific Region. KlantCRM easily adapts to any business environment by offering a more flexible, cost-effective which allows companies to more easily customize and integrate customer-facing business processes in order to build and maintain more profitable relationships. Klant CRM ia an Easy-to-use Web-based CRM solution for sales, service, marketing, and call center operations that streamlines customer relationship management and boosts customer satisfaction. Organizations can enjoy unparalleledproductivity, revenue growth, and business intelligence with KlantCRM.

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  • Sales Force Automation:Exercise comprehensive control over your sales data, activities and processes.
  • Marketing Automation:Integrate sales actives and marketing campaigns for optimized lead flow and ROI Customer.
  • Service & Support: Improve Build customer loyalty while improving agent productivity .
  • Partner Relationship Management: Increase channel revenue through your partners .
  • Mobility: All customer data, sales & marketing analytics, and documents are available anytime, anywhere by using mobile devices such as PDA, Blackberry, Smart Phone, etc.
  • SMS:Built in SMS is easy-to-use function which can be used as Alert, Approval process or emergency reporting system while the person is not in home city.


KlantCRM offers several deployment options, including on-demand, on-site and appliance-based solutions to suit customers' security, integration and configuration needs.

  • On-Demand- is an example of Software as a Service (SaaS). Those small to medium size enterprises gain access via the Web to tools that rival those of larger corporations, for a low monthly charge. The advantages of on-demand CRM include mobility, live data, data integration, security, scalability, modularity, and a maintenance-free For companies who are comfortable with housing their customer information outside of their firewall and who do not have an IT staff to manage their CRM system, KlantCRM offers dedicated hosting capabilities through KlantCRM On-Demand that manages upgrades and maintenance. Customers receive all the benefits of hosted applications with the added flexibility to migrate from a hosted service to On-site mode or application.
  • On-Site- for customers who would like to have their CRM information managed by internal IT managers behind their firewalls, we offer KlantCRM On-Site, a deployment option that gives your team the maximum control to get the most our of your CRM application at your own site.
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Klantcrm integrated with Barcode scanner and printer

New: We have already integrated with barcode system. We can open the Invoice, order and delivery and print out from the scanner

MC9000 Series

MC9000 深得各大物流,及各高流量倉庫使用.

美國製造-雙機殼保護,防水, 防塵, 防撞保護測試

‧ High quality 1D , 2D Imager, 1D Omni D.
‧ Windows Mobile 5.0/6.1
‧ CPU: Intel XScale PXA270 624MHz
‧ Memory:64MB RAM/128 FLASH -Mobile
‧ Display: Touch 3.8" QVGA color
‧ Expansion: SD, MMC Card
‧ Extremely rugged design
‧ Drop durability ( 6ft .) & IP64 standard
‧ Built-in wireless 802.11a /b/g
‧ Bluetooth Version 1.2 with BT Explorer
‧ Antenna : Internal
‧ WWAN: iDEN 800-900 MHz
(Upgrade to WiDEN)
‧ GPS-Enabled: 12 Channel
‧ RFID (Optional)
‧ Power:Lithium Ion 220mAh/7.2V
‧ MC 9097G , MC9097K, MC9097S








MC3000 Serious

WMS-Warehouse Management Device

‧ Type 種類 : 1D Laser Scanner
‧ Light Source 光源 :650nm laser diode
‧ Direction 射線角度 : 18 scan lines 360°不同角度射線
‧ Decode Rate 掃蕩速度 : 1800 scans/second
‧ Rastering 振動頻率 :100 lines
‧ Contrast 最低對比度 :25% Reflectance
‧ Resolution 最小 掃讀 :5 mil.
‧ Interface 接駁口 : RS-232: RJ-45, RS-232
‧ Ethernet: 10/100 Mb 10Base
‧ WLAN: 11 Mbps (802.11b)
‧ Interlock feature : Sensormatic/Checkpoint
‧ Colour 可選顏色 : Twight Black( 黑 )
‧ Display: Size: 5.7 in./14.5 cm diagonal
‧Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels (1/4 VGA)
‧Resistive touch screen: optional
‧Expansion Capabilities: One type II/III PC card
‧Scan Modes: 1D- Omnidirectional, 2D- Smart raster
‧CPU: Intel XScale? (200 MHz)
‧Operating Platform: Windows CE .NET 4.2
‧Browser: Internet Explorer CE version 6.0 compliant
‧Images: GIF, JPEG and BMP
‧Memory: 32 MB/32 MB F中DRAM
‧Mounting Options: Wall-Mount Bracket, Pole-Mount Bracket
‧Optional Accessories: 3-track Magnetic Stripe reader
‧ Dimensions: 8.9 in.W x 8.9 in. H x 3.6 in. L
‧ Weight: 3.1 lbs/1.4 kg

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