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Business Services

Meaningful customer service. Effective marketing. Tightened sales cycles. When you select Klant’s CRM solution, you gain all these benefits, plus the satisfaction of knowing this on-demand solution is perfectly aligned with the customer-centric goals of the business services industry. We know seeing is believing. That’s why we’ve supplied examples of companies like yours, companies that put a premium on customer satisfaction and have thrived as a result of deploying Klant.


Communications & Media understands that companies in the communications and media space rely on information—information that must be delivered lightening fast with pinpoint accuracy to attract and service customers. With this in mind, Klant features real-time access to customer data, accurate forecasting and reporting, and streamlined processes to help you attain success in this highly competitive market. The following customer success stories reveal how companies like yours have implemented Klant with impressive results.


Distribution & Retail

There may not be another industry that so clearly reaps the benefits of a well-chosen CRM solution than the distribution and retail space. In these success stories, you’ll learn how our customers have leveraged the power of Klant to drive productivity, streamline processes, cut operating costs, and ultimately, boost revenue.


Energy and Chemicals

In choosing a technology solution, the energy industry poses many questions in terms of how to optimally run a business: Does the solution possess the agility to respond to changes in regulation? Will it accommodate innovation? Is it flexible enough to evolve with consumer demand? Klant puts these issues to rest with customizable features and powerful solutions designed to easily shape to the way you do business. Learn how other energy companies like yours leverage Klant to simultaneously meet industry requirements and business goals.


Financial & Investment Services

Klant Financial CRM system made possible by a widely adopted and standardized CRM system is the mark of a winning financial services company. The customers have leveraged Klant’s unified platform with real-time access to turn a mass of data (investors, contacts, and funds) into valuable connections. That information is for improved customer retention, quantifiable ROI, accelerated sales cycles, and ultimately, increased revenue.


Cost savings are critically important to any healthcare business that wants to remain competitive. That’s why we designed Klant to help optimize resources, magnify visibility into the sales pipeline, and streamline operations—all without sacrificing the flexibility to innovate. Learn how other healthcare companies have deployed Klant to achieve success within this dynamic sector.

Hi-Tech Hardware

Shortened sales cycles. Increased customer visibility. Effective marketing. Improved close rates. These benefits—along with the cost savings inherent in the on-demand model—help our high-tech hardware customers achieve their unique business objectives. In these customer stories, you’ll learn how Klant deployments have correlated to business success for other high-tech hardware companies just like yours.

Hi-Tech Software & Services

In the fast paced world of today’s high-tech software/services realm, businesses must adapt to change at lightning speed. That’s why we’ve designed Klant to be flexible enough to accommodate innovation, while simple enough that changes can be implemented on the fly or in hours and days rather than weeks and months. In the following customer success stories, you’ll learn how companies like yours have leveraged such benefits as business process automation, real-time access to information, and integrated marketing to achieve impressive results.


Klant is the ideal CRM solution for companies in the insurance industry that want to standardize processes across large organizations in multiple locations. Such benefits as management oversight of sales activities, easy customization to meet industry- and company-specific needs, and a common view of the customer—along with innovative elements like wireless access—equip insurance companies to get a leg up on the competition. Learn how companies just like yours have leveraged Klant to achieve dramatic results.



The features inherent in’s CRM solution go right to heart of concerns facing the manufacturing industry. We understand how important it is to cut operational costs, how vital increased productivity is to the bottom line, and the upshot of a solid customer service model. Learn how other companies like yours have deployed Klant to achieve success within the manufacturing sector.


Nonprofit, Education, & Public Sector

Klant helps companies in the nonprofit and public sector optimize scarce resources to reach their goals. Whether it’s opening up visibility to reveal strengths and weaknesses, cutting IT costs by shifting to a Web-based model, or streamlining administrative processes, Klant enables these organizations to achieve their objectives cost-effectively. Learn how other companies within the nonprofit and public sector have deployed Klant to more effectively serve their communities and enact positive social change.


Pharmaceuticals & Life Science

In pharmaceutical and life science companies, gaining insight into the customer and developing strategies in response to that insight is key to success. Add to that global capabilities and standardized processes with features such as real-time metrics and seamless integration, and what you have is a solution that affects change at the bottom line. Companies just like yours are reaping the benefits of Klant CRM. Read these customer success stories to learn how.


Travel & Transportation

The stakes are high in the travel and transportation industry. Capturing and retaining loyal consumers hinges on effectively identifying prospects and delivering quality customer service. empowers travel and transportation companies to leverage its on-demand platform to automate business processes in ways that put the focus on the customer rather than the technology. Learn how companies like yours are adopting Klant with results that can be seen right in the bottom line .

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